Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Final Blog

I have made 17 blogs scence the second semester. I have made eight about my interest and consernes and nine of them are school related even though i did all of them in English class.
I have no comments on mine.
My favorite post was the one about if you could go to any place or live any where, were would it be. I said Australia, because I love the ocean and all of the animals there. Also, the place there looks so beautiful, even though there are snakes which are nasty but, i can deal with that there. I also liked doing the one were you pick a website and you had to make something that was cool or something like that i have on my was it had a picture of a dog. What you can do there is you can make cards and put pictures in there of yourself.
I didn't chance the blog theme because i didn't know how to do that, so i just decided to leave it.
I have five widgets all together. I think that we should have done more with the drawing on that one website like how i have Bejamin the donkey from animal farm. I liked doing those because they always turned out funny. So these are some of the ones that I liked doing.

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