Friday, April 23, 2010

5 Really Awsome Bloggers

Eagle 19 seems to be really cool. This person dosn't like bullying he tells them to stop and for some people that takes alot of guts for people to do that.

Desiree seems interesting her family is funny, likes to tell jokes, and do fun stuff, and is random. It sounds like my family.

Lilly O she talks about animals and how they are becoming endangered, and talks about saving the enivroment. I think that alot of people could pick up alot of good habbits from her blogs.

Daredevil 26 writes alot of things about what is happinging in hong kong. Also, he likes to watch tv, and go bowling. he just seems like he would be interesting.

Science Girl Em's she writes alot and has alot of blogs. She talks about science and other interesting things that you can do with science. When she went to Kansas state university.

Monday, April 12, 2010

blogging challange

Amber Webster is a good blogger because she follows directions and does a good job at it.Chelsea Johnson is another blogger she focus on what she does and gets it done. Jasmine king does a good job with her blogs. Holly t. is another good blogger she does her work on time and does a good job. Laura i . does a good job and gets her work done.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

bloging challage

It would be useful to have it but it isn't somthing that i would need beause i write what i think and i wouldn't want someone to plagerize from me and i don't think that they would want me to plagerize from them. In my class the majority is students.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In my English class we are reading this book called, "Animal Farm." It's about communism and stuff like that. I picked this video because it was different and it tells part of the story. When this person is sing that "4 legs good, 2 legs bad" one of the sheeps said that at the begining because there was a rebelion and 4 legs are like animals and 2 legs are humans except birds but they don't like humans because they want to be treated equal.