Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to save the enviroment

You can first start by not burning papers or anything that would be harmfull for the earth. Recycle your glass, plastics, can, aluminum, metal, and cars theres alot of other things to beable to recycle. You can use cloth bags for grouchery shopping instead of using plastic because it becomes trash that lays outside. Pick up any garbage that lays around so that the place looks better and it will make a difference by helping the Earth. There is even things you can do in your house like shutting lights off behind you when you leave the room, shut off running water, use candles at night it saves energy and makes the room smell better, unplug the plug-ins because even if they are shut off they still drain electricity. don't use power strips because they are very bad. These are just a few ways to help the envirtoment.

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